islandman triathlon – Tim Kerr Charities

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islandman triathlon - Tim Kerr Charities

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  1. Joyce kelly

    The 2016 Ironman Triathlon was the first type of race I have participated in since I was in my teens. I decided to participate only 2 weeks prior when my husband said he was going to try it. We both finished, which was our goal, but we both agreed that it was for a great cause AND the volunteers were GREAT!!
    The encouragement and enthusiasm from the volunteers really helped me finish! Great job and a big THANK YOU to those kind people!!

  2. Marla Rosenthol

    Hi Midge,
    It was nice seeing you again at the ACTri. I was the woman who won the Salming running shoes from Tom Darragh. I have misplaced the business card with his Email. May I trouble you for that info?
    Thank you and keep up the good work!

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